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Searching For Decent Jobs For Lyric Writers: Vital Advice

Writing lyrics for songs can be a really fun hobby or it can be a decent money-making job. The key to moving into the bigger income side of it is to know where to find the good jobs. Fortunately, there are quite a few sites online that hire songwriters. You can be really great at writing lyrics without worrying about the music; leave that up to someone who loves to compose music.

Vital tips to finding a decent lyric writing job

  1. Make sure you are educated and have talent. Too many people expect to write down some random rhyming words and have it magically become a famous top ten song. It just doesn’t work that way. You can take an online song writing course. If you have a poetry background, that works really well too. Born with the talent? Then you’re one of the few lucky ones.
  2. Hone your skills. Write lots of songs, whether they are good ones or not. Just keep in the practice of doing it on a regular basis. Collaborate with other writers. They probably have connections you don’t know about. They may be able to hook you up with a great writing position.
  3. Write with others. Take their advice and give them feedback as well. This will really help you grow as a song writer.
  4. Go to forums where other song writers hang out. There are many on the internet. Ask around and see where the good jobs are available.
  5. Make your own website and sell your lyrics from your site. Advertise on social media sites and people will find you.
  6. Read books and biographies of other song writers and discover how they made their start. Did they write that one good song that rocketed them to stardom? Probably not. Most likely they just kept writing and selling their lyrics until their name became well-known.
  7. Do some simple searches online for jobs in your profession. You will be surprised by how many choices appear.
  8. When deciding who to write for, take a close and careful look at the agency. Do they look trustworthy and legitimate? Is there a lot of good feedback from others who have been happy writing for them? Do they offer you enough flexibility? These are all essential questions to ask yourself before you start working for someone.