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Facts to Remember if You Want to Get Good Football Freelance Writing Jobs

Most sports fans would think that working in football writing would be a dream come true. But it’s not just about knowing trivia or how the game is appropriately played. It takes some great writing and a talent for expressing complicated ideas in a way that connects with readers across a nation. Here are some facts to remember if you want to get good football freelance writing jobs:

  1. Study your content
  2. Providing written content in any specialized field requires you to stay up to date with all of the content that is relevant and will be interesting to readers. Even providing content that is considered historic needs to connect with a modern topic that clients and readers can recognize.

  3. Know your competition
  4. No matter what topic you decide to specialize in you must realize that you will have plenty of competitors vying for the same writing jobs and contracts you desire. It’s good to read up on the content they provide to compare your writing voice versus their own. You want to make yourself stand apart but being aware of what others do is a great idea.

  5. Make a connection with readers
  6. As you start landing various projects or have picked up on an ongoing assignment you will need to work hard to make a connection with your readers in order to maintain a constant readership. This is extremely important in all kinds of sports writing since readers tend to want to build trust with the content they acquire.

  7. Practice your grammar
  8. No matter what type of assignment you take on you should always work towards perfecting your grammar, spelling and punctuation skills. Nothing will distract and annoy your football readers more than having to stop to make sense of all the little mistakes that appear in written content.

  9. Revise your content
  10. If you’ve had much experience in freelance assignments then you know your clients will appreciate great written content that has clearly been revised. It’s never a good idea to hand in material that has only gone through a first draft. A better piece will show through material that has been revised.

  11. Proofread and edit
  12. Lastly, you want to make sure you proofread and edit all of your content. No one is going to want to read material that contains complicated sentence constructions or long words that require a dictionary to understand. Stick with simple and concise English to build and maintain a loyal readership.