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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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What Is An Online Freelance Writer: A Full Job Description

To write online is to have a job that few people understand fully. Even if you are in the field, if you only experience one side of it, you may harbor your own misconceptions. Any freelancer is first and foremost a self employed person and that means that they are also:

Responsible for taxation

The laws of most countries levy taxes on the income earned by their citizens. If you do not obey these laws you can face fines or imprisonment. People who work for companies as employees can usually depend on their bosses to handle this. Freelancers do not have that option most of the time.

Unable to rely on certain employee benefits

Many companies offer benefits like cars, assistance with tuition, use of company property and even retirement plans that provide a pension for life. You can say goodbye to all of these if you decide to write online. You will need to have a fair amount of savings and be very responsible with it.

Responsible for monitoring oneself

If you have a short attention span, this is not the career for you. There will be times when you want to stare out of the window at nothing or go driving to someplace you have always wanted to visit. If such thoughts come in the middle of a job, it is up to you to suppress them because there is no boss waiting to tell you to stop.

In charge of marketing activities

Writers who work for agencies or magazines will often have the efforts of a marketing department pushing them forward at every turn. These people help them get famous or at least well enough known to increase the value of their work. You will need to do all of that for yourself and if it’s too hard for you, consider looking for a professional you can hire to help you.

Vulnerable directly to shifts in the market

The market for written content can dry up in a particular niche almost overnight. It may be steady for years and then a new innovation can make your skill obsolete. It is better to know how to write many different types of content even if you have a favorite. This gives you a backup plan in case things go sour.

The good thing about this job is that you also have the option to adapt it to your own needs.