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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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How To Find An Appropriate Job, A Guide For Freelancers

You’ve decided to launch a new career as a freelance writer. Now, you are probably wondering how do I even go about finding work? The best way to begin finding work as a freelance writer is to begin by putting together a portfolio of your writing work. Then, you want to apply for jobs that relate to your writing style, niche, or interests. At first, you don’t want to be too picky about the jobs you take. Instead try to diversify and gain some experience. This will help you decide what kind of work you want to do and how to make money writing freelance.

Put Together A Portfolio of Your Previous Work

Assuming that you have some sort of writing experience, you’ll want to put together a portfolio of your previous work. For freelancers just starting out you may not have any examples of paid work, but you may have personal writings or academic writing that you can use. If there are any common themes or topics this may be where you want to begin looking for work. For example if you have kept a blog in the past, or have written many academic essays you may want to find freelance jobs doing these things that you have experience with.

Pick a Niche or Area of Expertise

As a first time freelancer you aren’t really in a position to be picky. However, it is still a good idea to find an area to focus on and begin to apply for jobs writing on. This will help to assure that you aren’t doing jobs that are too far outside of your comfort zone. It will also make the work much more enjoyable for you personally.

Gain Experience

When you first begin, don’t expect to be making a million dollars as a freelance writer. It is really not a “get rich quick” scheme. Instead, you’ll have to take low paying work in order to gain experience and expand the portfolio that we discussed. Chances are in the first few months you won’t make much money at all. However, over time you’ll begin to find your own.

The best piece advice that one can offer a new freelancer is to stick with it. If you really want this to be your new career then you have to work your way up. You’ll learn a lot by just “doing it”- so don’t get discouraged. Obviously, this isn’t the career path for everyone- but for those who make it work, it can be extremely rewarding.