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Tips for Freelance Music Writers: How to Get Better Jobs

Working in any freelance position has its pros and cons. Some of the pros of the career are flexible schedule, ability to manage yourself, naming your pay, and more. Conversely, some cons are lack of guidance, difficulty getting jobs, competiveness, and more. Working as a freelance music writer can be even more competitive, as it is a creative field. We have outlined some tips to help you get better freelance music writing jobs.

Build Portfolio

Your portfolio is your way of advertising your work. For this reason, you want to be sure the work in your portfolio is your best and really illustrates your wide range of skills. Use a variety of writing styles and your strongest pieces to land new clients. Make sure your portfolio samples do not include personal details of previous clients.

Always Network

Remember you are a freelance worker so any interaction in your daily life can be a networking opportunity. Maintain positive communications with adults around you, and you will nurture healthy connections. These connections will build your network and create professional opportunities in your field.

Maintain Exposure

When writing about music it is important that you are also involved in that very subject, music. Make a point of attend local shows and touring performances. Attending these events and writing pieces about or inspired by such events can help put you on the map. Writing about as many different musical experiences as possible will help you get the music writing jobs you want.

Market Yourself

Finally, it is important that you market yourself. You should have a brand of what kind of work you produce, and a vision for your business. Do you want to work a specific niche of the music writing industry? Do you excel in many realms? Put your information on a website or business networking site. Other ideas include attending community events, using freelancer websites, and creating marketing material. Some marketing materials you can make are digital or hard copy business cards, portfolio samples, printed testimonials, and more.

By building a strong portfolio, always networking, maintaining exposure, and marketing yourself you will surely be successful in your work. Freelancing can be a very prosperous career; you just need to get yourself established. Once you have garnered a known name you will be rising to the top.