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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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A Complete Tutorial on How to Get Creative Jobs for Writers

The easy way to get writing for freelancers is finding work on a freelance site and applying. Well, maybe it’s not that easy, but it's a route you can take to get the job. There are ways to get just a little more creative. Get some thoughtful juices flowing through your head and look outside the box a little. Sometimes you need just to get a writing job. So many are chasing after the same gig.

Using Ideas You Would Put in for a Regular 9-5 Job

Contemplate ideas you might think of with a brick and mortar job (as in physical building). If you have ever seen business cards and ads in those bulletins by the bathrooms in businesses, you'd see why businesses and organizations do it. It works. Try making business cards to get a creative writing job. You never know. Make the card professional, but like you mean exactly what you are offering. Professionalism. Put any form of contact information you want to be contacted by on there. Skype (if you Skype, facebook, twitter, etc.)

Naturally you would include the kind of writing you do. Leave a very small message enticing people to want to contact you and find out more about your service. Think of other places where you could leave your cards. You don't want to be overboard, but it's great to promote yourself.

Community Listing

Place an ad on a free community listing. Be friendly, but briefly informative about your service. Maybe add a bit of positive feedback you've received from other clients or other people. Leave the same contact information. Although, be careful about leaving that contact info. Some of these communities will get you with spam. Add a sincere photo of yourself to give a more personal touch (if you feel okay with that). You don't have to.

These ideas are very likely to get you somewhere. Other ideas are getting a community account with other businesses that sort of enhance each other’s audience. It's sort of like having a support system of fellow writers and other small companies who also work online. When a specific line of content doesn't fit for one person, they can suggest it to someone they know it will work for and vice-versa. People are helping other people. And always being pleasant to work with when you get contacted.