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What Is A Freelance SEO Writer: A Guide For Beginners

When you freelance write you will find that there are hundreds of different types of writing. One of the most popular forms is called SEO. This is when the correct words are placed within content that help the website to get more visits or more hits. The writer wants to place words that create traffic, but do not sound repetitive or sound fake or stiff. The idea is that you want the website to appear as the top hits on a search engines results. Here are a few tips for beginners in the SEO field:

  • Do not stuff keywords-never stuff words. It just sounds fake and readers are not amused when they see the same word twenty times in one paragraph.
  • Use synonyms-to keep from word stuffing or to keep from sounding fake, you can use similar words or synonyms. You want your content to be quality.
  • Go quality-you have to keep the visitors once they go to the site. Make sure all of the SEO content you produce for your customer has no mistakes or grammatical errors.
  • Long tail phrases- a long tail phrase will focus on a smaller audience, but it will have much higher visitor quality. This type of visitor will be more likely to actually buy your product or use your service.
  • Look for the share-you not only want visitors, but you then want your visitors to share what they found, in order to so this, the quality has to be good. Just getting traffic is not good enough if they are pleased when they get to your site.
  • Answer queries-if you have written a perfect example of SEO content, the work will answer the consumers’ questions. The visitor may be inclined to leave the site if they feel like the answers they need are not located within the content.
  • Your title is important-your title tag is what search engines look at when labeling the web page for category. The tag and quick summary, which some call a snippet, are vital tools and if you are asked to write these tools, make sure you are natural and you sound informative.
  • Link just enough-when you have in-text links, you then send your readers to more information that you hope will sell you. But, you cannot over link or under link. I like to use two to three a paragraph for optimum ranking improvement.