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How To Write Cover Letters For Part-Time Jobs: General Instructions

There are specific reasons why you want to write a great cover letter to get a part-time job. A good cover letter can mean the difference between getting the job or not. If you follow these general instructions, you will have a better chance of getting the job you are looking for:

  • The cover letter is written so you explain to whomever you are giving this to exactly what you are trying to do. Explain in the cover letter that you are applying for a part-time job so the interviewer knows exactly what your intentions are.
  • The interviewer will be interested in knowing how you learned about the position you are applying for. Sometimes it is a person you may know or a career you are interested in. This is important and may put you ahead of other candidates if the interviewer is aware of how you learned about the job opening
  • Your cover letter needs to be extremely professional looking at made to impress the interview or the person looking at your cover letter. This is the first impression that is always so important in anything you do in life. They first thing the interviewer sees will leave an impression on him so make sure it is neat and well written. There can be absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors. Remember you are showing the interviewer who you are just by allowing them to glance at your cover letter. Make the cover letter look good enough so they will want to see what is next.
  • Make sure the cover letter highlights anything about you that has any relevance to the part-time position you are seeking. Maybe you have had prior experience in the same line of work. Try to give specific examples in your cover letter so they know you are aware of what you are applying for and that you have knowledge in that area.
  • Attitude is everything. Make sure your cover letter shows how enthusiastic you are about the position you are seeking. Explain how an excellent attitude and motivation is a high priority so they know that is the type of person you strive to be.
  • Make sure the cover letter explains the specifics about your situation. For example, make sure they know when you can begin work and how much you can work. Make sure they know you are willing to work on weekends or holidays.

The cover letter for a part-time job is like the first impression for your interviewer. Give them a reason to want to get to know more about you. Make them want to learn more about you by what you show them on that cover letter.