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A Guide For The Freelancer: The Basics Of Copywriting

Many would describe the term ‘copywriter’ as someone who simply writes copy for the web or publications. However, this is only half true. Copywriting actually involves a lot of marketing savvy and is not an industry cut out for just anyone.

Language skills

The most basic skill needed to become a copywriter is a good command of the English language. You can be great at writing, but if your spelling or punctuation is off, your work will take a dip in quality and so will your reputation as a writer.

Another factor to consider is various styles of English writing. UK and USA styles differ from each other. There are also some ways of putting English sentences together in certain countries that would not be accepted in English countries such as the UK, USA, or Australia.

Idea generation

Probably the hardest part of copywriting is the conceptualization of a great idea. This sometimes involves taking a detailed brief of what the customer wants to achieve, and blending that with trendy methods of portraying that message.

Copywriters take time to think up these ideas by looking at a product or service from various different angles. Once a benefit can be established, great ideas begin to flow. Another way to generate ideas is by using human emotion and relating it to the product you are trying to advertise.

The single minded proposition

A single minded proposition is a one sentence line that describes directly what you want to achieve with your advert. By writing your single minded proposition down on paper, you set yourself up for a purpose driven campaign that will speak to its audience.

What about content?

Content forms a massive part of all this. Your heading, for instance, must catch the reader’s attention. The subheading must be sure to keep his or her attention. The copy (or content) itself, should be informative, helpful, and successful in selling the product or service in questions.

Letting ideas simmer

Once everything has been roughly put together as a unit, a good copywriter will leave it alone and let it digest in the mind. He or she will then relook at the concept after a day or two and see if it has the desired impact. During this time of simmering, there are often ideas and changes that come to mind that ultimately improve the end product.