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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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Freelance Jobs In Writing And Editing: How To Find The Best One

Just like independent publishing, the easy availability of freelance work has seen an explosion of people wanting to try their hand at it. It makes sense when you are having to support yourself through college to try and pick up some extra work that you can not only do from the comfort of your own home but at a time that is convenient for yourself. Even if you are not a complete party animal then getting the balance between academic life and your social life can be a tricky one.

However, you probably don’t just want to take any old freelance job. Just how do you get the best jobs in writing and editing? Let me show you how!

Spread the love

While you are still testing the water, I would suggest registering with all of the big freelance sites. Setting up strong profiles and then bidding for work. All of these sites have their pros and their cons. Some are very easy to get work from, but the quality of work is poor. Some require you to jump through hoops, but the quality of work is higher. Their bidding systems are also like marmite; you either love them or hate them. I have tried them all, and I do have a preference. However, I am not going to share it with you as you may hate it. This is something that you have to figure for yourself.

Think of it as a treasure hunt

Some of the best jobs particularly in editing are not advertised. For example, you may have a small business owner who is desperately in need of having his work regularly checked but hasn’t considered enlisting the services of an editor. You need to be bold, and you need to be prepared to go looking.

Word of mouth

You might have noticed that one of your friends is suddenly wearing designer clothes when they could previously only afford shops own brand. Ask around. If there are any openings then you are much more likely to get hired, or at least trialed if someone can vouch for you.

Prepare an interesting resume

A resume is required for some but not all of the sites. You will definitely need one if you decide to start contacting businesses cold. Don’t just whack off a template, take the time and effort to create one that will set you apart from the pack.