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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

know what you should do to get a good one

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7 Points To Consider About Freelance Writers’ Lifestyle

Many feel that a freelance writer’s job is a walk in the park. The prime reason is the fact that he does not have to toil it out in the fields or travel religiously to an office; he merely sticks to his home chair and makes the bucks. The reality cannot be more different.

Slogging it out

A freelancer has to slog it out in front of the computer and keep his mental cauldron on the pot. While office workers generally get huge intervals of laziness and relief and are also aided by the national holidays, a freelancer knows that he can only get a holiday at the cost of payment.

The lifestyle

The freelance writer has to tweak his lifestyle to accommodate his working premise. Here are 7 points of consideration for him –

  1. He has to plan his working schedule as it suits him. Some people are naturally active at day time, while some feel recharged in the evening and night. You have to assess the times when you can be at your most productive and plan the working schedule accordingly.
  2. In case you have to do two different sessions, invest the middle period in some loving pastime. For most, it is a nice little nap; for others, it is reading a book or seeing a movie. A freelancer has to find happiness in the small things of life.
  3. You should rise early (if you are a day worker). There is nothing more refreshing than a walk outside when the Sun has just arrived. Spend the early hours going through the paper; having a meaty breakfast and spending time with toddlers (if any at home).
  4. You need to give yourself an extended time for an article, say one hour for an article you may do in 40 minutes. Relax in the remaining 20 minutes; listening to a song or just straightening yourself on the bed. For some, taking a snack is the way to go.
  5. Give yourself an extra hour to check what you have written through the day. Go through all the articles and plug any holes you left unintentionally. Having done that, call it a day and leave the bothers of your freelance work for another day. In the post-period, get a life.
  6. Be a kilometer away from your work on the off-days (generally once per week). Enjoy things you like to do; travel, go to malls, see a picture; visit a theatre, eat at a restaurant; take a tipple; whatever you like. This one day’s enjoyment will keep you recharged for the next 6 day’s work.
  7. Spend some quality time with your parents and elders. Consult with them if you face a burn-out. If possible, take a two-day leave to visit a nearby beach resort. Remember, however, to convey the same to your employer much in advance.