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Freelance Writing Jobs for Teenagers: How to Get Started

In the past, teenagers spent their summers working at movie theaters, restaurants and golf courses. With the rise of the Internet, even adolescents can start a career as a freelance writer. Like any job, there are some difficulties that may be encountered along the way. The teenager must be prepared for long writing days and have the dedication to stick to each project.

Preparing for a Career

Before a teenager can actually become a writer, they must be able to write. They must have a strong grasp of grammar and editing. To produce the best quality of writing, teenagers should purchase a writing style guide that they can consult. Teenagers must also be prepared for a lot of work. Writing is like any other job: teens have to complete the hours if they want to get paid. Unlike hanging around a golf course, teenagers have to actually produce the written word in order to get paid. Just staring at a computer screen will not be enough.

Creating a Website or a Blog

The hardest part about getting started is developing a portfolio. Before teenagers can get a client or a writing job, they must be able to show high-quality work. Unfortunately, no one will hire them if they have not already created a portfolio. One way to work around this is to create a blog or website. Teenagers can publish articles and design the site to maximize visitors. In addition to serving as a digital portfolio, a website can ultimately bring in money on its own every month.

Cater to a Niche

Just advertising a writing service is not enough—especially for a teenage writer. Teenagers need to figure out a specific subject area, or niche, that they are going to write for. If they have a passion for swimming or a love of books, they can create a website based entirely around their niche. A book lover could design a review site for historical fiction while a swimmer can create a USA Olympic team fan page.

Set a Schedule

The teenager's success or failure will ultimately be determined by their ability to manage their time. They should create a daily schedule for writing and stick to it. At the end of each day, they should add up the numbers of words that they write, the amount earned and the number of articles published. By doing this, teenagers can gain a reliable estimate of what they are actually able to accomplish on a daily basis.