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In Search of Promising Freelance Technical Writing Jobs from Home

Thinking about making a career change? Considering entering the realm of the freelancer? Confident that you have what it takes to make a career out of technical writing jobs from home? You just may have what it takes, but are you sure you know what it is?

Technical writing, whether on a freelance basis from home or from behind a cubicle desk in corporate America, requires a certain skill set. The main skills required are mastery of the English language and great attention to detail. If you possess these skills, freelance technical writing jobs from home may be just the career choice you’ve been looking for.

Perfect for working at home

Technical writing can be easily done at home. A typical technical writer works alone or as a part of a team of writers who all connect remotely. Technical writers are the guys and gals who produce those varied documents and manuals for businesses and professionals. With a good computer and a reliable Internet connection, you can set your office up anywhere in your home.

Skill set and training required

Most employers want a technical writer with an English or technical writing degree. A degree in a specialized field, such as medicine, engineering or science can also be marketable in the freelance technical writing market. A good technical writer is proficient at fact-checking and can focus on small details.

A successful technical writer should also be able to conduct independent research, including interviewing experts in specific fields. From these interviews and research, the technical writer should be able to glean the information needed to compile the documents or training manuals the employer wants. Those with bilingual skills may be hired to produce or translate existing technical documents. Most technical writers will seek additional training to specialize in one field of writing, such as medical documents or do-it-yourself manuals.

What types of jobs are available for technical writers?

Jobs for technical writers can be online or in printed format. Some examples of types of jobs for which technical writers are hired:

  • Government agencies and private businesses hire technical writers to produce training manuals
  • Software producers and technical equipment manufacturers utilize technical writers to write their how-to manuals
  • Design and development of websites
  • Information architecture, such as software development for library catalog systems
  • Corporate financial documents

Here comes pay day!

Technical writers are usually paid at a higher rate than other freelancers because of the technical nature of their work and the research involved. Salaries can range widely, from $30 per hour to $75/hour or more. Your field of knowledge and your level of experience will go a long way toward determining your pay scale.