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How To Get Freelance Fiction Writing Jobs Online: A Piece Of Advice For Beginners

Fiction writing is a great place to start as a freelance writer, but not everyone who goes this route knows all there is to know about having success when they are just starting out. Freelance writing is great for people who are creative, would like to make some extra cash, and would like to share their fiction for the online community. Here is some advice for beginners:

Write a Few Pieces to Start

If you’re looking to make extra money by writing fiction then there is a great chance that you already have a passion for this kind of work. It’s rare for somebody to look towards freelance writing without some experience. Take a few samples of your best fiction and organize them in a way that submitting your content will be easy.

Search for Appropriate Sites

When it comes to publishing in print form, fiction writers should research the literary journal or magazine they send their submissions to in order to ensure they have a good chance of publishing. The same is true in online writing. Freelancers should research several sites to determine the most appropriate ones for their content.

Submit Stories with Query Letters

Many online publishers don’t like to receive unsolicited material, but those that do usually appreciate the material sent are accompanied with a query letter. A query letter is basically a cover letter that explains what your story is about and provides some background about the kind of work you have done in the past. Learning how to write an effective letter will improve your chances of publication tremendously and can be all the difference in how much success you find in this profession.

Build a Profile and Portfolio

Building eye-catching profiles and portfolios are a must for most freelancers. An effective web presence can attract prospective clients without one having to do much in terms of searching for opportunities. The same is true for online fiction. Create a highly effective profile and portfolio and you should expect to hear about publishing opportunities in no time. Be sure to update your content frequently and always feature your best work.

Sign Up for Resource Notifications

Lastly, there are several places where you can go to find out about writing opportunities as well as get useful information to improve your chances of publication. Your email box might be filled with material within a week but some careful scanning through the topics should show just the kinds of projects you can find by simply getting on a resource notification list.