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Helpful Hints On How To Get A Job Writing Video Game Reviews

Joblessness is on the rise except for countries where governments are always caring for the welfare of the citizenry. These days, it is not strange to find bright and promising college graduates starting their own business, which is all the same okay but to a larger extent occasioned by lack of employment opportunities. The question which has continued to bother many is that; are we living in hard economic times or we are simply faced by a huge number of job seekers rather than job creators? Desperate situations have always called for desperate measures and so when it comes to fixing the problem of unemployment, working from home or rather freelancing working has become the norm these days. According to a research by a number of American research institutions and freelancing organizations, an estimated fifty three million Americans have since embraced work from home and the good news is that many are satisfied because they are able to make almost triple what they could have made in mainstream employment market. Because of this, online working has increasingly become popular and on this premise, millions who are already into it are a testimony to the fact that working from home is indeed a real job.

One of the lucrative freelance jobs is video games reviews. Well, the big question is, how can you land real video game review writing gigs? An expert in online working will recommend a number of ways to land such jobs and in this post, we take a look at some very helpful tips to get you started.

Pitching on game review sites

Most of the times when you navigate around a website, the “contact us” tab is always conspicuously places. I have landed a number of writing gigs by contacting web administrators and this gives me the confidence to recommend the same strategy to you. It will cost you nothing and you could land a dream video game review writing job.

Become a video game review blogger

To be noticed and hired, everything should start with you. On this premise, landing a career in video game review should see you set the pace towards achieving your dreams by starting a blog to showcase how good you are at it.

Pitch on freelance sites

On this premise, you will have to sign up as a video game reviewer and start bidding on jobs that interest you.