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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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Decent Advice On How To Find Freelance Jobs For Creative Writers

The task of finding decently-paying and high quality gigs can be a challenging one if you are a freelance writer. At times, you can’t help but ask yourself, where do you even begin? And, how can you be sure that the jobs you’re searching for are legitimate instead of pure scams?

Since freelancing jobs are a bit risky and uncertainty is inevitable, it is advised to set up some essential things prior you begin hunting for job on the web.

Consider having your own website.

It is good to have a website where you can manage potential clients to find out more about the services you offer and for them to have the opportunity to see your best work. Your website need not be fancy; a one-page and simple design will do so long as it provides your guests with some information about you and your services, your contact details and work samples. For sure, you will want to keep this easy to use anytime you inquire about the latest freelance gigs.

You can use social search to help you look for firms that need your services.

Nowadays, Twitter offers good social search engines which allow users to look for job opportunities. All you have to do is to type in some search queries in the search box that is located at the top of the screen. You can type “writer” as your specialty.

Use freelance job networks.

At present, many reputable freelance job networks link firms with the freelancer they need. Initially, you have the so-called general freelance job networks which enable freelancers to make free profiles and look for jobs in a broad array of specialties.

Make sure to add your freelance specialty to social media profiles.

Create your LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media accounts. This is for you to ensure that anyone who visits your social media profiles can see immediately that you are a freelancer.

In the same way, this is also beneficial for freelancers who contribute to other blogs or who have their own blog- please be guided that your specialty must be listed in your author profile in order for the visitors who see your content can discover instantly that you are available to hire.

You may use Google alerts for you to get alerted to new freelance gigs.

Talkwalker Alerts or Google Alerts enable you to receive notifications through email when new Google search results become ready for use for certain search queries. In your search queries, use “writer” as your specialty.