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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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A Guide To Getting The Best Part Time Freelance Writing Jobs Online

There are as many types of writing jobs available online as there are freelancers willing to do them. This can be a difficult field to navigate as a newcomer. Some of the jobs you encounter may be extremely exploitative but due to your inexperience in the field they may appear to be fair. The following is a brief guide that you can use to get some of the better jobs out there that can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Have a good idea of what a fair rate of payment is

If you are not careful, clients will pay you such a small fee that you might as well be paying them for the privilege of securing them content. Now what a fair rate is will vary from place to place. If you are from a developed country it may take you a larger sum of money to live comfortably than someone who has a lower cost of living. Also, if ever you are unsure, ask yourself if you would be making more money at a fast food restaurant. If the answer is yes, you should not consider that job.

Use multiple sources to find clients

If you are on one freelancing site you are only getting a few of the possible clients to see your profile. Sign up to several. You should also go directly to clients’ websites to see if they have any positions available that you could fill online. You can sign up to online newsletter or job boards that spread the word about promising opportunities too. They may be short term projects or last for several years but you will find that most of them can be completed part time. This is great for if you do a full work week elsewhere and just need a second source of income.

Get better at your craft

By being more skilled or more meticulous than the people you compete against you will increase your chances of attracting the better employers. This is a continuous process though. You will never be good enough to decide that your learning has finishes. Once you are good enough to get the best clients you can make even more money writing books that teach others how to do the same.

This is the simple version of the instructions you will need to follow. Think about it and see if you come up with any others.