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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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Looking for Good Freelance Creative Writing Jobs Online

Article, e-books and how-to guides are always needed, but many clients do not hire creative writers. To get started in this field, new writers have to be innovative in how they look for projects. From working with magazines to self publishing, there are many options available to new freelancers if they are creative in finding them.

Magazines and Literary Journals

Although the pay is not particularly high, there are literary magazines and journals that will hire creative writers. Normally, the writer has to send in a query letter that covers their story or poem. If the magazine thinks that the writer's piece sounds interesting, they will pay the writer to complete it. Since these magazines are literally flooded with query letters, writers have to be especially resilient and persistent in seeking out work. Once the writer's work is selected, it will help them get into other publications and more exposure.

Write a Novel

Currently, the publishing industry tends to focus on hiring professional writers who have already been published. Although this is daunting for new writers, there is still a chance that the writer's book will be selected for publication. To get published, the writer needs to find an agent that will work with them. In some cases, the writer is able to query the publishing house directly. To do this, the writer needs to create a query letter and a synopsis of their work. If the query letter is selected, the writer will also have to submit the first few chapters of their novel.

Self Publishing Options

When the writer cannot get a publishing house to pay attention to their work, there is always the option of going the self publishing route. With this option, the writer must do all of the marketing, editing, book cover creation and formatting on their own. Many of these skills can be hired from fellow freelancers or from companies online. Once the project is completed, the writer can publish it whenever they want to.

Although self published books tend to sell fewer copies, the writer often makes a larger paycheck. Publishing houses often pay just five to ten percent in royalties to their writers. With self publishing, writers will often make as much as 70 percent of the cover price. In addition, self published books are generally published faster and the writer does not have to put up with the tedious process of working with a publishing house.