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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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How To Become A Well-Paid Part-Time Freelance Writer

Becoming a well-paid writer may not be as easy as it sound. Sure you can get assignments and writing deals but getting a well-paid freelance assignment needs some experience. When you are starting out as a professional writer you cannot be too picky about the kind of job you are going to do. Initially you may have to do a lot of writing for a very low payment. But with some time and proper experience it is possible to get well paid job details for part time freelance writing.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Try to secure work with reputable organization even if the pay is less. By working with a renowned firm you will increase the value of your work. If a reputable organization asks you to write a few articles for free, you should do it. Once it gets published it will get you recognition which will in turn get you lucrative job opportunities.

  • Since most freelance writers start on some of the popular portals, it can get very competitive. So whenever you get an assignment, no matter how less the pay is, try to satisfy the client by meeting all his requirements. Once you are blacklisted you ruin your rep and chances of getting a good client. But if you do the job right then you will get positive testimonials and high ratings. Once you have high ratings you can easily bag high paying assignments. As a high rated writer you can even negotiate with the client to get a higher rate.

  • When you are working part time, you will get very less time to secure work. If you are getting work through some of the popular web portals you can hire a bidding service. These organizations are effective in securing good freelancing deals for you. Obviously they will take a small percentage of the payment as commission but in terms of the time you save this is an effective method. Once you have a strong portfolio which boasts of successful assignments you can start looking for high paying deals on your own.

  • Try and secure a contract with some of your local newspaper or magazines. Most of them take in articles if they are of good quality. Be persistent in your effort and do not behave rudely even if your samples are rejected a number of times.