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Freelance Writing Job Is Not For Everyone

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Searching For Good Online Freelance Writing Jobs For 17 Year Olds

Being a teenager is all about fun, friends, grades, crushes, hangouts, and independence. Most teenagers prefer to start their own life of freedom and independence and start feeling the sense of being grown up. However, the major hindrance between them and their freedom is the financial dependency. Teenagers are usually studying and do not have a source of income to support their activities or running expenses. They have to stay in the budget constraint allowed by their pocket money. They might have to skip a few things they love because they do not have enough money to buy them.

Teenagers do not only need money for fun and hangouts but sometimes a young person faces financial issues because his or her parents are not earning enough or not even able to support his studies. In such a situation, they tend to look for scholarships to cover their tuition fees. Things can be worse if you do not have any source of income to cover your bills or running expenses. You do not even get a job because no one is willing to hire an inexperienced person in his or her organization. You can work part time at a store but that seems absurd to your family and friends

You are not alone, many teenagers around the world look for ways to earn money and support their families or passion. Whatever reason you have for applying to a job, it should be good enough to keep your consistent. Thanks to the internet, hundreds and millions of teens have found their source of income to realize their dreams. They can easily work as freelancers sitting at home and earn good money

You can start your career as a freelance writer with either a content mill or agency. These agencies are looking for all kinds of writers from basic to professionals with specialized degrees and tasks. You can give your resume and allow and honest insight about yourself and skills. They will assign you the relevant task and decide a certain payment against a project or word count

You can also work for a newspaper and write for their blog section. You can pick a niche that you are passionate about, gather genuine data collect high-resolution photos and send a sample to the news agency. Remember to attach your resume along with it so that they can hire you based on that