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Weird Jobs for Writers: The Top 10 List

When you’re first starting out as a freelance writer there is a huge chance that you’re probably going to be taking whatever gig is sent your way. With ever-increasing competition there really is no shame in finding something – anything – that pays the bills while utilizing a skill you’ve spent years mastering. We asked some people to tell us some of their weirdest writing jobs and here is what they had to say:

  1. Personal letters
  2. On the surface this doesn’t seem so bad, but in reality a writer could feel uncomfortable hearing about someone’s personal life as it’s described in order to write a letter to someone they know.

  3. Break up letters
  4. We’ve all clicked on links to hilarious or witty break-up letters to get a good laugh. But do you realize that a large portion of those were probably written by a freelancer who has knack for adding the perfect insult to injury?

  5. Love letters
  6. The same can be said about love letters. Most people don’t know how to express this sacred and ancient feeling. In comes a talented freelancer and viola: a sentimental memory and keepsake is born.

  7. Oddball dating
  8. Some online and print magazines will pay people to submit stories about oddball dating experiences. Suddenly that date you had with a plumber who couldn’t help but check your pipes seems like an opportunity to earn some cash.

  9. Product descriptions
  10. These are quite common and essential to selling a product. But think about those really odd products you don’t really believe exist. Everything that needs to be sold needs a product description writer. Seize the day!

  11. Sexual techniques
  12. Another weird, but very well paying, niche writing job is giving advice on everything having to do with sex. This includes techniques, odd stories, experiences and more. It’s certainly not for the shy but it might be something in which you could make a lot of money.

  13. Social media updates
  14. In a time when social media drives celebrity news, business and more, it’s important that every entity with an account stay current and connected with its audience. Freelancers can get paid to post status updates and news.

  15. Customer reviews
  16. Another really good writing job that is a little out there is composing client and customer reviews for products and services. Companies are willing to pay big money to help their products sell. Their strategy can be an opportunity for you.

  17. Obituary notices
  18. If you don’t feel uncomfortable about writing 10 – 15 death notices each day then you would make a great obituary writer. The best thing about this kind of work is that business is always booming.

  19. Gravestone quotes
  20. Lastly, there will always be a need for talented freelancers to come up with witty or thought-provoking quotations to put on gravestones.