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How To Become A Freelance Blog Writer- 5 Suggestions For Newbies

Many people have learned about the hidden treasure that they have at their disposal but are unsure of how to make it a reality. Freelance writers are professional writers who create effective papers for various companies and individuals. There is a lot of money in the industry and the need is becoming more prominent because of the growing importance of the World Wide Web. Many companies are learning that they can increase the amount of traffic to their web site by adding informational blogs to their site.

The idea is that the consumer will have a broken dishwasher and they will search the web for an answer as to whether they should hire a service man to fix it or get a new one. They will find a blog on an appliance service and sales company’s web site that gives them this answer. They are seen as an expert in the area and the consumer either hires their service man or buys their dishwasher.

If you are a newbie to the industry, there are five crucial suggestions that are sure to get you started on the right foot and get you rolling in the loot in no time.

  1. Join a freelance site
  2. You should sign up for a freelance site. This is where you will be connected to clients in need of your services from all over the world. Some of these sites will allow you to bid on a certain amount of projects per month for free so you can get started without any start up fees. Well that’s if you already have a computer and internet access.

  3. Create a profile
  4. You would create a professional profile right on the site so that while you are looking for jobs, clients can be looking for you as well.

  5. Develop a portfolio
  6. Compile an example of the various pieces of work that you can do so that your potential clients can see how you write.

  7. Bid on good jobs
  8. Learn the best jobs to bid on. Do the research so that you know what you should be getting paid for the different jobs so that you are in the ball park and you don’t drive the prices down.

  9. Build a lasting relationship
  10. Complete high quality articles on time so that you can get repeat business and work to build long term relationships with your clients. It may make it so that you can consistently have work and you don’t have to waste time bidding on jobs.