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5 Things You Should Know About Online Freelance Writing Courses

Whether you are a novice to freelance writing or an experienced pro, you probably have once considered taking an online course to improve your skills – or maybe you are thinking about it right now. Here are several things you need to know before you start looking for available programs.

  1. Freelance writing courses are mainly not about writing.
  2. Odd as it might sound, most of these courses have no aim of improving your writing skills. Instead, they teach how to best approach editors, how to market your services online, how to set up your own website, and how to register as a business entity and handle accounting issues. In short, they give the knowledge of attended issues that is no less important to succeed as a freelancer than writing well. Online courses are almost the only place where you can get this information all at once and in just a couple of weeks.

  3. Writing courses are not English or typewriting courses.
  4. As follows from the above, you should not expect online writing courses to improve your grammar or spelling. When you have major problems in these fields, it is better to take English courses instead. Similarly, writing courses would not teach you to use all ten fingers when typing; and they are easier to complete for those who already can print fast. However, on these courses you can actually learn from pros how to research and plan your writing better and hence produce articles faster.

  5. Freelance courses do not necessarily issue a degree.
  6. If you want a writing degree, check whether this program involves it. Writing courses offered by colleges and universities often issue bachelor or master’s degrees in Creative Writing or Technical Communication. Meanwhile, courses that are run by independent experts would not usually grant a degree, but it does not mean you will be wasting time. Many of them provide efficient, practice-proven tips on how to overcome common problems of freelance writers.

  7. You need to check credibility.
  8. This point applies not only to freelance writing but to any online courses. Unfortunately, this market attracts many scammers. Even if a course is offered in the name of a reputable university, you should not take the author’s word for it. Double-check the information on the university’s official website to make sure that they actually stand behind this program.

  9. Freelance courses do not guarantee an improvement in your career.
  10. The most important point is that online courses do not increase your market value in a direct way. The very fact that you have completed a particular course is unlikely to impress a potential customer. However, the knowledge you receive there can actually win lucrative gigs if you weave it in your daily practices.